Westside Creamery Desserts

Our sole purpose is to elevate your dessert experience. As such, we expand the relationship between robust churned ice cream and natural flavors resulting in shear culinary pleasure!

We create tasty and decadent desserts that are made with only the finest ingredients from local GA farmers. Both Westside and our partners are members of Georgia-own Georgia-grown, a division of the Georgia Dept. of Agriculture.

Enjoy a couple scoops with some root beer or coke and have yourself a float. Add a hefty scoop of ice cream or sorbet with a piece of our homemade pound cake and make your palate scream – ooowee this really is The PerFECT-Pair! 

Our goal remains the same, seeing you reminisce your childhood ice cream truck chasing days while satisfying the grown-up kid inside you!

Westside Creamery can be found at several community festivals. We are the chosen vendor at most TV/movie production studios.

Let us be the sweet spot at your corporate employee appreciation, wedding reception, anniversary, school/college, or celebration.

We serve the Greater Atlanta area including all counties surrounding Fulton County. We also travel up to 100 miles for minimum of 500 attendees. A travel surcharge will be assessed. 

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