At Westside Creamery Desserts,

our sole purpose is to elevate your dessert exploration experience. As such, we highlight and expand the relationship between super creams and natural flavors resulting in a culinary palate pleasing pleasure!

our goal is to create tasty decadent dessert that restores, replenishes and revives.

Westside’s ice cream and sorbets are made with only the finest ingredients from local GA farmers. Both Westside and our dairy are members of Georgia-own Georgia-grown, a division of the Georgia Dept. of Agriculture.

Enjoy a scoop or 2; add some root beer or coke and have yourself a float; indulge in our infamous poundcake combined with a hefty scoop of cream and make your palate scream – ooowee this really is The PerFect Pair! 

Our Goals

Our goal remains the same seeing you reminisce your childhood ice cream truck chasing days, while satisfying the grown-up kid inside you!

We are mobile

Westside Creamery can be found at several community festivals ~ we are the chosen vendor at TV/movie production studios

Let us be the sweet spot at your ~ corporate employee appreciation ~ wedding ~ reception ~ anniversary ~ school / college celebration ~ party

Greater Atlanta Service Area

We serve the Greater Atlanta area including all counties surrounding Fulton County.  We travel up to 125 miles for minimum of 500 attendees

Self Service Bar

Self-serve sundae bar (private events only w/ 50-75 guests). We dress the table complete with linen, bouquet of flowers and all your favorite toppings:
~ variety of nuts
~ fresh ‘seasonal’ fruit
~ caramel & chocolate fudge
~ homemade whipped cream

Menu à la Carte

PRICES: Per Person
(debit, credit, cash apps all accepted w/ minimum $6 purchase)
Ice cream cups/cones – $5 / $7
Sorbet – $7
Root beer & coke floats – $8
PerFECT Pair – $10
Sundae bar – $12
Pints (ice cream) $14

a few of our customers’ favorite flavors and their comments…

chocolate fetish -robust, dark, rich & addictive

cookies ‘n cream – chocked full of Oreo cookies

banana puddin – yes, it’s ice cream & vanilla wafers

butter pecan – pecans & cream in every spoonful

strawberry cheesecake – silky, smooth & creamy

lemon custard – velvety, decadent, tangy & sweet

salted butter caramel – taste like you’re sinning

Menu à la Carte

PerFECT Pair:
(ice cream coupled with complimenting pound cake)

strawberry cheesecake ice cream shacks up with strawberry poundcake

lemon custard
married lemon glaze poundcake
Georgia peach ice cream hooked up with peach bourbon poundcake

vanilla bean ice cream
united with orange zest poundcake
rum raisin ice cream encountered rum poundcake
chocolate fetish ice cream eloped with butter poundcake
cinnamon ice cream cohabits with sweet potato poundcake

VEGAN ~ tart lemon sorbet embraces lemon lime cake
“whole” cakes available in variety of flavors ~ prices vary ~ 3-day minimum ~ call to order

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