our goal is to create tasty decadent dessert that restores, replenishes and revives.

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Our dedicated customers frequently seek us out. If you pout long and hard enough, we have also been known to personally hand deliver a helping of banana puddin. OR, if your group is large enough, we just may plan an ice cream “Pop-UP” in your honor…

Infamous Homemade Cake

We bake fresh and serve warm, homemade poundcake a la carte with your choice of ice cream or vegan sorbet.

Menu à la Carte

PRICES: Per Person
(debit, credit, cash apps all accepted w/ minimum $6 purchase)

ice cream cups/cones


root beer & coke floats

PerFECT Pair

sundae bar

$5 / $7



pints (ice cream) $14

a few of our customers’ favorite flavors and their comments…

chocolate fetish -robust, dark, rich & addictive

cookies ‘n cream - chocked full of Oreo cookies

banana puddin - yes, it's ice cream & vanilla wafers

butter pecan - pecans & cream in every spoonful

strawberry cheesecake - silky, smooth & creamy

lemon custard - velvety, decadent, tangy & sweet

salted butter caramel - taste like you’re sinning

PerFECT Pair: (ice cream coupled with complimenting pound cake)

strawberry cheesecake ice cream shacks up with strawberry poundcake

lemon custard married lemon glaze poundcake

Georgia peach ice cream hooked up with peach bourbon poundcake

vanilla bean ice cream united with orange zest poundcake

rum raisin ice cream encountered rum poundcake

chocolate fetish ice cream eloped with butter poundcake

cinnamon ice cream cohabits with sweet potato poundcake

VEGAN ~ tart lemon sorbet embraces lemon lime cake

whole” cakes available in variety of flavors ~ prices vary ~ 3-day minimum ~ call to order

Cream Anyone?

(404) 974-3355

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